Governance & Social Development

Strong Partnerships, Resilient Communities

At TAG, we believe that governance is not ‘done by’ governments to citizens, but continually negotiated between civil society, local government, the private sector and multiple other interest groups unique to each local context. Our Governance & Social Development practice builds resilience to shocks and pressures, whether from conflict, natural disaster, migration patterns, organised crime or climate change, by strengthening the partnerships essential to shared responsibility and inclusive solutions.

Our most powerful resilience outcomes are achieved when institutions, communities, families and individuals see clear, day-to-day evidence of what can be achieved through active cooperation and deeper mutual trust. Our embedded local teams have the lifelong contextual knowledge, deep networks and the trust required to bring together officials, communities and other groups to identify needs, plan solutions and deliver concrete, tangible benefits.

By enhancing basic services like water and sanitation, providing fair employment, fostering local commerce and enabling equal access to dispute resolution mechanisms, our aim is to catalyse a ‘virtuous circle’  of deeper interdependence, improved wellbeing and enhanced trust.

Governance & Social Development Case Studies

Countering the drivers and enablers of organised crime

Securing viable futures for North Albania’s youth

Coping with refugee crisis in the Middle East

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