Countering the drivers and enablers of organised crime

In a country suffering from drug smuggling, human trafficking and cyber fraud, TAG is helping the Nigerian government and local communities adopt a more preventative approach to serious and organised crime.

Through a network of Crime Prevention Partnerships in Bayelsa, Lagos, Edo and Zamfara – four of the most afflicted parts of the country – our work brings together police, government and civil society representatives to identify the drivers and enablers of crime, and design targeted interventions which provide alternative pathways to the most vulnerable families and youth.

Alongside direct support to vulnerable people, TAG is using strategic communications to highlight the harm and cost of serious crime to local communities, reducing tolerance for criminals and increasing cooperation with community policing action.

By shifting perspectives on crime-fighting beyond punishment, our work is narrowing the social space in which serious criminals thrive, protecting Nigeria’s people and reducing the global harm and cost of organised crime.

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