Security & Justice

Secure lives and livelihoods

In stable states, security and access to justice are a part of a contract between government and society. But in fragile and transitioning communities, under-resourcing, lack of experience and political contestation can inhibit the emergence of an inclusive security settlement – or, worse still, enable abuse of coercive authority and armed power for personal or political gain.

Worldwide, TAG’s Security & Justice practice is building the capability and accountability of community policing and justice services, while strengthening their partnerships with civil society, from traditional leaders and religious elders to youth activists and women’s rights defenders. All of our work is driven by the goal of generating the secure, stable and predictable conditions citizens need to live their daily lives free from fear.

Our work is deeply rooted in local social systems and culture, avoiding the temptation to ‘transplant’ external models. Instead our locally embedded teams leverage their deep sociopolitical expertise to help set the conditions for inclusive human-centred solutions specific to, and sustainable in, each project context.

Security & Justice Case Studies

Strengthening forensic evidence for fairer trials

A victim-centred approach to countering human trafficking

Countering terrorism in Central Africa

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