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How To Write a Blog Post That Includes Video

If you’re writing as many blog posts as I am in a month, you may spend a lot of time looking for ways to make your blogs stand out. This is especially true if your blog post design is limiting. But there is an easy way to grab your reader’s attention that beats adding bullet points any day. It’s using video.

You can turn a good blog post into a great blog post by adding video clips or links to videos that help strengthen your post. A recent survey by SEMrush found that 34% of bloggers say they experience strong results after including videos in blog posts. Studies also show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

So, before you sit down to write your next list of blog post ideas, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use video in your posts.

3 Ways To Include Video In Your Blog Post

Bottom line: You’re missing an opportunity if all your video content is entirely separate from your other marketing efforts. The best way to capitalize on video is by integrating it with your other marketing channels. You can utilize video in your blog posts by:

1. Linking Your Blog To A Video

The easiest way to add a video to your blog (maybe from YouTube), is to simply copy and paste the URL of the video into the blog post editor … like this.

2. Link A Video To A Thumbnail Image

One of the most useful aspects of video hosting websites is the ability to link video clips on your website. YouTube offers this functionality, and having a good-quality, watchable clip in your blog post will enable you to offer something different to your readers.

How To Write A Blog Post Using Video

3. Embed Videos Into Your Blog Post

Embedding videos takes including video in your blog post to a whole new level. Embedding a video versus linking to the video will give your blog a clean look. That’s because the video will play within the post without having to open a new tab or take your readers away from your blog post.

An embedded video looks like this.

Once again, the type of blogging or digital marketing software you’re using will be critical. At Kuno Creative, we use HubSpot, which makes it very easy to embed and/or link videos to the blogs we write for ourselves and our clients.

Use Videos to Enhance Your Blog Posts

Whatever video strategy you choose, the most important thing is to stay focused on your goals and consistently work towards them. If your main goal is to spruce up your blog post, come up with a few key videos you can tie into your story. Make sure your vision always keeps your target audience (aka customers) in mind. Your videos should enhance the message of your blog post.

Remember, any topic idea should start with a strong keyword. Content marketing is all about engaging your audience, especially when it comes to video and video marketing. Each time you write a post, you should think about what will transform it from good to great content. Writing great posts is only part of it, you have to think about ways to really drive your message home, and video (within your blog) is one way to do that.

So, whether you’re about to start a blog post, or on the verge of hitting “publish,” stop and think for a moment about whether adding video will help to get more people reading your post.

You may even add videos to existing posts, just to spice things up a bit.

And if you need help with blogging or videos for your company, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help you work through it.

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